The 22nd annual Dick's Ditch Classic took place over the weekend where more than one hundred skiers and riders competed in their respective divisions for a spot on the podium. Photo: Chris Anderson

TETON VILLAGE, Wyo. —  The 22nd annual Dick’s Ditch Classic took place over the weekend where more than one hundred skiers and riders competed in their respective divisions for a spot on the podium.

The slalom competition which spans across a two-day period, runs on the man-made and natural terrain in Dick’s Ditch, from Lupine Way down to South Pass Traverse. Conditions during the event were both giving and challenging, with warmer temperatures changing the course across the two-day competition window.

Dick’s Ditch Classic is a particularly special event at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) due to its deep ties to the mountain’s history as well as its representation of the local community.

“The biggest thing about Dick’s is that it’s our event. It’s not a true banked slalom, it’s not a true boardercross, it’s unique to Jackson Hole and the terrain of Dick’s Ditch, and I always look at it as a stand-alone event. Locals really get into it every year. And, just having that belt buckle around you… People know what it means,” said Jason Moore of the Race Department at JHMR.

Photo: Chris Anderson

Additionally, the event gives way for Jackson locals to highlight their competitive spirit on the mountain.

“It’s a [special] race because it’s both manicured, but also the lower ditch is untouched (save for the gates), so you really have to excel at skiing or riding on man-manipulated terrain, but you also need to be able to hold on during the bumpy, chundery (think of the ground below your feet as chopped up thunder) wildness that is the lower ditch too,” said Jackson local and one-time member of the US Ski Team, Max Hammer. “So, it really favors someone who can ski or board everything well and can adapt really well.”

Photo: Chris Anderson

Snowboard Results
Women’s Pro Snowboard- Audrey Hebert (1st), Zeia Rose (2nd), Noelle Edwards (3rd).
Men’s Pro Snowboard- Aaron Hallenbeck (1st), Pat Holland (2nd), Brian Selmer (3rd).
Women’s Masters (ages 40+) Snowboard- Jody Kemmerer (1st), Amy Perkins (2nd), Mary Beth Coyne, (3rd).
Men’s Masters (ages 40+) Snowboard-Ranyon d’Arge  (1st), John Flynn (2nd), Darrell Miller (3rd).
Women’s Amateur (ages 20-39) Snowboard- Cat Wright (1st), Erin Devault (2nd), Aubrey Watts (3rd).
Men’s Amateur (ages 20-39) Snowboard- Kim Doane (1st), Tristan Clegg (2nd),  Sawyer Clegg (3rd).
Women’s Amateur (ages 14-19) Snowboard- Logan Kolodsick (1st).
Men’s Amateur (ages 14-19) Snowboard- Steven Bailey (1st), Declan Murray (2nd),  Neo Emery (3rd).
Men’s Groms (ages 11-13) Snowboard- Ace Emery (1st), Ellis Swain (2nd), Olin Brecker (3rd).

Photo: Chris Anderson

Ski Results
Women’s Pro Ski- Jenny Allen (1st), Marika Hanson (2nd), Tamara Razinger (3rd).
Men’s Pro Ski- Max Martin (1st), Kaz Sosnkowski (2nd), Stosh Czarniak (3rd).
Men’s Masters (ages 40+) Ski- Chris Peltz (1st), Zachary Zabrosky (2nd), Robert Trotter (3rd).
Women’s Amateur (ages 20-39) Ski- Natalie Hayes (1st), Ciara Pettinos (2nd), Haley Norman (3rd).
Men’s Amateur (ages 20-39) Ski-Scott Davidson (1st), Aaron Lundin (2nd), Alex Coosaia (3rd).
Women’s Amateur (ages 14-19) Ski- Erica Bowditch (1st).
Men’s Amateur (ages 14-19) Ski- Jacob Coosaia (1st), Roman Goralski (2nd), Miles Huseby (3rd).
Women’s Groms (ages 11-13) Ski- Pearl Olson (1st), Metta Campbell (2nd), Kensie Morris (3rd).
Men’s Groms (ages 11-13) Ski-Lucas Milligan (1st), Liam Thompson (2nd), Parker Jenkins (3rd).

Pro division winners earned cash prizes of $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third place.

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Caroline Chapman is a Community News Reporter. She enjoys reading non-fiction, skiing, hiking, and playing piano in her downtime. Her favorite aspect about living in Jackson is the genuine admiration that Wyomingites share for the land and the life that it sustains.