JACKSON, Wyo. — Travelers passing through Jackson Hole Airport can expect the friendly company of therapy dogs thanks to collaboration with Teton County Pet Partners.

Teams from Teton County Pet Partners will frequent Jackson’s airport during peak traffic periods to ease stress as well as greet warmly those arriving or departing from the travel hub.

“We look forward to the memories and stories that will be created through this partnership with Pet Partners,” said Board President, Rick Braun. “This program is an excellent addition to the customer service experience, and we have already witnessed the positive impacts the dogs and their handlers have had on the traveling public.”

Animal experts suggest a human-animal bond to be a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship that positively influences the health and well-being of both species. And animal-assisted activities provide opportunities for motivational, educational or recreational benefits to enhance quality of life.

Teton County Pet Partners, a local chapter of the national organization, strives to improve lives and help people feel better through relationships with animals by matching individual or community needs with an ideal therapy animal. Its partnership list includes C-V Ranch, Legacy Lodge, St. John’s Medical Center, Teton Behavior Therapy, Teton County Library, Teton Literacy Center, Children’s Learning Center and Jackson Hole Community School.

For more information about Pet Partners and its programming, please contact: info@tcpetpartners.org.