Scouts of Pack 67 share and care with popcorn

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Scouts of Pack 67 had a busy day Tuesday as they visited various Jackson first responder agencies bearing gifts of popcorn.

It all started with a generous donation by Price-Downey-Buckland Foundation, who purchased cases of popcorn for Cub Scout Pack 67 to be shared with the community. The Pack then decided to gift the popcorn to the Jackson Cupboard as well as first responders in Jackson to thank them for all that they do for the community.

On November 12, the scouts of Pack 67 visited the Jackson Police Department, the Jackson Fire Department and the St. John’s Hospital emergency room. Scouts learned about the services that these agencies provide and how best they themselves can help in case of emergency.

Webelos Pack 67’s Mason Ayling make a house call on Dr. Will Smith at St. John’s ER. Photo: Meredith Yetter

Lieutenant Roger Schultz gave the Bear Scouts a tour of the Jackson Police Department. They peppered him with questions ranging from “What is a warrant?” to “Have you ever saved someone’s life?” They were most interested in discussing the use of K-9s and which breed is best suited for the job. Lieutenant Schultz advised the scouts to always listen to their parents and to treat others with respect—so, in essence, the Golden Rule. The Bears left with a deeper respect and greater understanding of the role of police officers.

The Tiger and Wolf dens visited the temporary fire station and excitedly climbed in and out of tall trucks, attempted to lift weights as the firemen do, and were fitted with helmets and coats that might have weighed as much as each child. Fireman Sam talked about the importance of service and giving back to the community, and how he started as a cub scout. The cubs, in turn, shared about how they give back through the collecting canned food and picking up trash.

Webelo Scouts were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the St. John’s Hospital Emergency Room. Dr. Will Smith began the visit by leading the scouts out onto the hospital’s helicopter pad. After taking in the view, scouts were then invited to the trauma room where they learned about AEDs and the Lucas compression device.

When asked what is the most important thing for a scout to know if they happen upon an emergency situation, Dr. Smith advised them to first call 911. He also advised the scouts to always wear their seatbelts and, as often heard at the top of the tram: “If you don’t know, don’t go!”

The scouts of Pack 67 gave all of these agencies thank you cards and bags of scout popcorn to thank them for their service to the Jackson community.

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