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Wyoming celebrates its 130th birthday today

WYOMING — July 10, 1890, was the day that the United States of America adopted its 44th state into the union, Wyoming.

As the 9th largest state with the lowest population, Wyomingites pride themselves on vast open landscapes with breathtaking scenery, detached from the distractions of civilization. Wyoming is not known for its popularity, which locals don’t seem to mind one bit.

Its small population means that Wyoming has only one four-year college, the University of Wyoming. The school’s colors, brown and gold, along with the Steamboat bucking horse logo, have become state-wide symbols for Wyoming. True Wyomingites know that everyone in this square state should have a closet sporting brown and gold.

Any outsider who hears Wyoming will generally think about one thing, Yellowstone (or Kanye West), but there is so much more to the state than just the northwest corner. Geographically, Wyoming is a unique and diverse square; from the high-prairie granite rock formations in southeastern Wyoming to the natural skyscrapers of the Nothern Rockies, the Red Desert in the south to the pristine alpine lakes high in the mountains, from the cattle ranches to coal mines, and from Devil’s Tower to the steaming geysers in Yellowstone, this state truly is a gem with no shortage of places to explore.

“Over a century ago our founders knew this land was special,” Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said on his Facebook page. “I’m proud to be governor of the Cowboy State and celebrate everything that makes it unique.”

Another unique brag that Wyoming holds is this state was the first to allow women to vote, dubbing it “The Equality State” along with its other nickname, “The Cowboy State”.

“I know Wyomingites are proud, too,” Gordon said. “Show your brown and gold and your Wyoming pride today. Happy 130 years, Wyo!”

Check out these Wyoming fun facts for more information on the Cowboy State, and happy Wyoming Statehood Day from Buckrail!

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