Wolf pups found dead in Horse Creek drainage

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Wyoming Game and Fish Department is currently looking into details involving the discovery of four dead wolf pups south of town.

A Mill Iron Ranch guide discovered two of the dead wolves last week during a trail ride. He came upon one first that looked in poor condition.

“It had a whole bunch of sores. It was very mangy. No hair on the hind end,” Coby Wheeldon said.

Before long, Wheeldon’s group came upon another dead wolf pup. When the guide returned to the ranch he called Game and Fish authorities who arrived and found two more dead pups.

At this point, until results of a necropsy can be more specific, the thought is the wolves may have succumbed to the effects of parvo or distemper.

Whatever happened to pups, estimated at 4-5 months old, it didn’t happen very long ago.

“They were pretty fresh,” Wheeldon said. “And they weren’t tore up. No other animal killed them.”

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