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Wildlife Crossings PAC apologies for two-word exclusion

JACKSON, Wyo. — Only after they had distributed roughly 1,000 door hangers and other materials advocating for the wildlife crossings SPET proposition did the Safe Wildlife Crossings Jackson Hole PAC realize a critical two words were missing: “paid for.”

Safe Wildlife Crossings PAC issued an apology yesterday for what they called a “materials oversight.” The two words, “paid for,” would have made it clear that the opinions on the distributed materials are funded by a PAC, or Political Action Committee, which can raise money and advocate for specific ballot items. Without those words, that distinction is less clear. According to the apology statement, the materials did include the logos of the PAC founding members and a website to learn more.

“The PAC wishes to bring the mistake to the attention of the community, to apologize for the oversight, and make sure that voters know how these materials were funded,” the statement said.

PAC chair Barbara Allen said steps are being taken to amend the mistake.

We have reached out to the County Clerk and will be doing an awful lot of writing by hand on our remaining door hangers to remedy the error.”

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