Water/sewer work creates parking and access headaches on upper Snow King

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Town leaders discussed parking solutions for upper Snow King Drive, Snow King Court, and Keats Grove as patience is running thin with the 20 or so residents of Snow King Estates during a water/sewer project expected to last the entire summer and into next summer.

Complaints from residents led to Mayor Pete Muldoon to personally schedule a gripe session on June 19. Currently, most or all residents of upper Snow King cannot access their homes on weekdays from 8am to 6pm. If they need to leave or return to their home during those hours, they have to call a cell number and a representative from the Town Public Works Department picks them up in a Chevy Colorado.

It’s the best we can do for now explained Johnny Ziem, Interim Public Works Director, who explained the job is difficult given the tight roads and sloped terrain. As work progresses further down the hill toward Redmond, parking and travel restrictions are going to get even tighter, Ziem said.

Public Works asked the town council to approve a parking program of some kind to appease the affected residents. The proposed program would provide stickers/permits for designated parking spots on Redmond and Cache Drive.

Affected neighborhood of Snow King Estates.

Town staffers are also working on an agreement with a private landowner on Snow King Drive to use part of their property for a right-of-way easement in order to create an alternative secondary ingress/egress with a service road in the adjoining Love Ridge Condo area.

“We’re close to working something out,” said town manager Larry Pardee.

During Monday’s regular town meeting, councilman Jim Stanford suggested residents should tough it out and be thankful the town is coming in to help them with their water and sewer issues that he said were created by inferior work by a private developer.

“I’m a little disappointed by the tenor of some of the comments we’ve been hearing,” Stanford said. “We are coming in to help the people up there not to inconvenience them.”

Stanford added the $1.7M tab was being picked up by the town to cover for inadequate work.

Muldoon and Pardee were quick to defend the feelings of residents in Snow King Estates.

“After talking to them it is pretty clear this is a very difficult situation. It’s a struggle. They can’t drive to their house,” Muldoon said. “I don’t think we are asking a whole lot to just help our neighbors out a little bit by providing a place to park. It’s kind of the minimum we can do.”

Pardee agreed it is a trying situation.

“We have a family with ADA needs up there. Some of them are really hurting,” he said. “They are trying to work with us, but clearly they are frustrated.”

The council eventually voted unanimously to ease parking restrictions some for residents for the area, allowing them to use street parking on both sides of Redmond St. (between E. Kelly and Cache Creek Dr.) and on the south side of E. Kelly Ave: from 520 E. Kelly to the driveway at 640 E. Kelly.

They stopped short of designating spots for worry of taking someone else’s parking away.

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