JACKSON, Wyo. — The town will conduct a mobility overlay study to create a standardized framework for making design and speed limit decisions. The study is expected to take about six to ten months.

In January the council was presented the process for changing the speed limit from 25 mph to 20 mph on Rodeo Drive following a complaint from a resident in the area.

During the Monday, March 7 meeting, the council was presented with three other options including reducing the speed on rodeo drive, addressing the complaints individually or directing staff to look at speed limits on all town streets.

The mobility overlay study is the most comprehensive option and is estimated to take 6-10 months but would create a framework for design and speed limit decisions for staff to follow moving forward.

According to the staff report, the mobility overlay would holistically evaluate town streets at a network level using elements such as adjacent land use, function, and desired traffic flow to identify the circulation patterns and priority uses for transit, parking, vehicle flow, pedestrian and bicycle mobility.

“Staff time is better used when we have a clear and concise vision about how we are going to treat an entire corridor,” Pathways Director Brian Schilling said during the meeting. “When we get into those discussions about if we should put a sidewalk on this side of the street on this block and when we have to do that for every single block that’s not an efficient use of staff time or the public’s time or your time.”

A Mobility Overlay effort has been discussed in the past among Pathways, Public Works, and Community Development, and the adopted FY22 budget includes a line item for $50,000 for hiring a consultant to lead this project. Preliminary outreach to potential consultants indicates the project would be closer to $80,000 and potentially more if the scope needed to be expanded.

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