Tough conditions for winter race, 16 finish The Drift

SUBLETTE COUNTY, WYO – Race results are in from The Drift held last weekend. The 28-mile winter marathon drew 18 participants—16 of whom managed to finish.

Contestants decided whether they wanted to ski, bike, or run/walk the distance. According to race organizers, snow was a bit soft and wind (a given) was ever-present. A skier, biker and runner rounded out the top three finishes.

Watch for the event again next year along with a companion 100-miler for the truly gnarly.


  1. Scott Kane, M54 (5:04:28), Lander  *Ski
  2. Michael Woodward, M27 (5:18:02), Rock Springs  *Bike
  3. Mike McMonagle, M27 (5:32:12), Salt Lake City *Foot
  4. George Vlastos, M49 (5:41:57), Pinedale  *Bike
  5. Leah Yingling, F26 (6:08:16), Salt Lake City  *Foot
  6. Ken Konicek, M66 (6:31:25), Pinedale  *Foot
  7. Pam Reed, F57 (6:38:04), Jackson  *Foot
  8. Chase Harber, M34 (6:57:09), Pinedale  *Bike
  9. Gracey Carpenter, F31 (7:34:26), Pinedale  *Ski
  10. Scott Griffith, M46 (7:34:52), Afton  *Foot
  11. Bo Miller, M54 (7:51:18), Jackson  *Foot
  12. James Poyer, M53 (7:56:17), Rock Springs  *Foot
  13. Cassandra Vincelette, F32 (8:11:34), Rock Springs  *Bike
  14. Paula Vincelette, F34 (8:11:34), Lander  *Bike
  15. Lynette Vanschoiack, F49 (8:18:09), Challis  *Foot
  16. Tommy Upp, M40 (8:24:54), Pinedale  *Ski
  17. — Melinda Poyer, F52 (DNF), Rock Springs  *Foot
  18. — Sada Crawford, F51 (DNF), Jackson  *Foot
  19. — Amy Couture, F41 (DNS), Cody  *Foot
  20. — Megan Smith, F26 (DNS), Marbleton  *Bike