Teton Serenade celebrates six years of local women musicians

JACKSON, Wyo. — When musical partners Jenny Landgraf and Sally McCullough began the annual Teton Serenade concert in 2014, it filled the niche of providing a listening room environment for acoustic women musicians that don’t get to perform often. The 2019 lineup will feature newcomers, Jackson Hole Hootenanny regulars, as well as previous Serenade performers at Dornan’s in Moose this Saturday.

Landgraf and McCullough will introduce the night followed by folk singer Lucinda McCray, Amy Lorenz and Hannah McLimans of Marmot Ate My Boots, vocalist/keyboardist Marina Vanderbroeke, Kirsten Farney and friends, Sarah Zermani, the vocal harmonies of Molly Gibbs and Molly Watters (also members of Marmot Ate My Boots), and members of Teton Valley-based female group The Balsamroots—Sage Hibberd, Mollie Houkum, Rose Hendricks and Mary Neil.

‘Tis the giving season and the Teton Serenade has long been a fundraiser for a Targhee Music Camp scholarship.

Teton Serenade concert, 8 p.m. Saturday at Dornan’s in Moose. Tickets are $15. 733-2415 ext. 200. Dinner served until 7 p.m.














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