Teton High School on high alert after gun threat

TETON VALLEY, IDA – After an anonymous tip was received by officials at Teton School District 401 today, additional law enforcement was called in to police the school. The online tip suggested someone would be bringing a gun to school.

In addition to a text alert to parents of high school students, Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme made a statement late last night on the district’s Facebook page announcing the threat.

“An anonymous tip was received tonight about someone bringing a gun to the high school tomorrow. Law enforcement and school administration will be supervising the entrance and hallways,” the district wrote. “This has been reviewed by Superintendent Woolstenhulme, THS administration Mr. Zogg and Mr. Birch, and Sheriff Liford. We strongly encourage anyone with more information to contact law the Sheriff’s Department immediately.”

As a result, dozens of students were reportedly absent today as worried parents kept their kids home ahead of a four-day holiday weekend.

The district issued a follow-up statement this morning:

“No further details have been provided to the school district at this time regarding the anonymous tip about a gun threat at Teton High School. Parents. We support you, and if you feel you don’t want your child to attend school today, we understand and will work with you.”

Authorities say the threat pertained to the high school only. An investigation is ongoing.

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