Spring has sprung, wildlife getting active

Grizzly crosses road in GTNP. (JH Ecotour Adventures)

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Western Wyoming is coming to life and emerging slowly out of the long winter. In Yellowstone, bears are waking and wolves have been active.

Check out this cool video shot by Yellowstone employee Steve Rupno. It features a wolf pack trotting leisurely down a park road a few days ago. Two of the grey-colored wolves appear to have leg injuries of some kind. The one that pauses for a photo holds a front left up, and later, the trailing grey is also noticeably limping up front.

Josh Metten, naturalist at Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures, noted a massive grizzly crossing the road in northern Grand Teton NP. The wildlife tour company has also observed elk on the move, sage grouse strutting in the lek, and bluebirds leading the charge of bird migration back to the Hole.

Bluebirds are fairly hardy and have a varied enough diet to be able to withstand dicey spring weather. (JH Ecotour Adventures)