SNAPPED: Home again

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – End of the day, this is why we do this.

Vida has made her way back home from whatever adventure she was on. We may never know. But we did learn something. Something about ‘community.’

Buckrail is proud, glad, relieved, and happy (as are these dog owners, no doubt) to have played even the smallest role in helping put lost dogs back with worried humans. We are fortunate to have such a large and loyal following. It’s this fanbase that makes for a very powerful and special media force that harnesses the Internet for something positive and good for a change.

You did this, Buckrailers, even if you did nothing more than care.

From the dogs’ owners:

“Vida and Zonker are home, safe and sound!! Thank you to everyone who searched, supported us, prayed for them and sent well wishes!!! We are grateful beyond words to this amazing community and thrilled, relieved, and amazed to have our beloved pups back with us at home. THANK YOU JACKSON!!!!”

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