Secretary of State launches new lobbyist registration system

WYOMING –The Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office is announcing the launch of a new online Lobbyist Center days before the opening of the 2019 Legislative Session. The new Lobbyist Center is part of an ongoing effort to streamline and modernize the services offered by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Lobbyists may register and renew their registrations online. Lobbyist registrations and their history are more easily accessible and are now digitally searchable by the public.

“This new website will be extremely helpful for both Wyoming lobbyists and the public during the upcoming 2019 legislative session. Allowing the public to conduct detailed searches of lobbyist activity and providing lobbyists an online registration option serves my office’s objectives of efficiency and transparency. I encourage everyone to visit our new site, accessible 24/7 and 365 days a year,” said Secretary of State Edward Buchanan.

The Lobbyist Center provides the public with real-time access to a list of Wyoming lobbyists and associated filings.  Lobbyists who have never been registered in Wyoming, as well as current lobbyists, can file a new registration or renew their registration online. The Lobbyist Center allows for all lobbyist registrations to be easily searchable. In addition, the public, elected officials, and other lobbyists can download a lobbyists’ registration and history.

Under Wyoming law, any person who intends on attempting to influence legislation must register with the Secretary of State’s Office as a lobbyist 48 hours before lobbying. The Secretary of State’s Office is required by law to make a report of all those registered to lobby available each year. The list of registered lobbyists is now updated in real-time and available on the Lobbyist Center website.

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