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Police Log: Recent Calls For Service

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Here are some recent calls for service in Teton County/Jackson from the dispatch log. Names may be withheld at the request of law enforcement. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filing from the Teton County Attorney’s Office.

02/05/2018 9:09:00
This is an information only case documenting a suspicious circumstance, possible attempted fraud via Facebook. There is no victim in this case as the complainant did not divulge any personal information. No further action will be taken.

02/05/2018 15:53:28
Collision hit and run:  No information at this time.

02/05/2018 20:11:19
Theft:  No information at this time.

02/06/2018 15:34:00
Call for service on attempt to locate a suicidal subject. Suicidal subject was located by Police in the Town of Jackson parking garage. Subject was detained and transported to St. Johns Medical Center for evaluation.

02/06/2018 15:55:00
Vehicle 1 collided with Vehicle 2 and failed to stop and exchange information. Driver of vehicle 2 provided Vehicle 1’s license plate and driver of Vehicle 1 was found and cited.

02/06/2018 16:54:00
Cold report of a collision hit and run, unsure where it happened, no leads and no follow up needed.

02/06/2018 18:10:00
Took report of lost wallet found under suspicious circumstances with cash missing.

02/07/2018 11:41:00
Officers destroyed old K-9 program training narcotics

02/07/2018 13:25:00
Vehicle damage was observed. Owner was notified and reason for damage was unknown.

02/07/2018 23:09:00
A vehicle was stopped for several traffic violations. The driver of the vehicle was found to be impaired after poor performance on standardized field sobriety tests and was arrested for driving under the influence.

02/08/2018 11:04:52
Subject contacted for “Throwing Stones or Missiles” in violation of municipal code.

02/08/2018 16:20:00
Probation and Parole contacted law enforcement for a warrant arrest.  The suspect was contacted and arrested.

02/08/2018 18:21:00
Juvenile charged with possession of controlled substance.

02/08/2018 23:15:00
Report of a male screaming and pounding on an unoccupied apartment door. Male is highly intoxicated, does not live there and is uncooperative. After investigation it is discovered that the male has an active warrant for his arrest.  Male arrested on warrant and cited for public intoxication.

02/09/2018 1:40:00
Subject stopped on traffic violation.  Performed poorly on field sobriety tests and arrested.

02/09/2018 8:53:00
Cold battery occurred at a business. Victim and suspect who were co-workers were both interviewed. After completing both interviews and reviewing the video evidence, the suspect was cited for battery and given a trespass notice of the business.

02/09/2018 10:55:00
Collision in gas station parking lot.

02/09/2018 15:02:00
Hit and run collision in apartment complex parking lot. Unknown suspect.

02/09/2018 19:05:00
Two juveniles ran away from Van Vleck House on foot. Left notes.

02/09/2018 20:47:00
Collision. Driver at fault cited.

02/10/2018 1:46:00
Man cited for hit and run of town property.

02/10/2018 5:45:00
Officers responded to cardiac arrest, began CPR, EMT arrived and provided advanced medical care, patient transported to hospital.  Marijuana seized from scene.

02/10/2018 5:54:00
Call of a collision between a vehicle and town property. Vehicle was located on nearby at parking lot with damage that is consistent to town property. Follow-up will be needed in an attempt to locate the R/O and security footage.

02/10/2018 15:19:00
Various construction tools taken from vehicle parked in public garage. Front door found opened. No damage seen around car doors. Lifted partial prints around vehicle. Security cameras located facing direction where vehicle was parked. Follow-up needed.

02/10/2018 20:58:00
Theft reported from a locked vehicle. Wallet, tools, and stereo system taken. Value over $1,000.

02/11/2018 3:19:00
Officer’s responded to reported male subject passed out and disoriented in a public place.  Subject was unable to care for himself and did not know where he was staying for the night.  Subject was arrested for Public Intoxication.

02/11/2018 10:04:00
Trailer hitch missing from rear of a vehicle. Victim suspects ex-boyfriend was involved. No witnesses on scene. Contacted ex-boyfriend who stated he had nothing to do with the missing item. Price value is $75.00.

02/11/2018 11:52:00
Complaint of a subject smoking marijuana inside an apartment complex. Contact was made at the apartment the odor was coming from. Resident admitted having marijuana and a pipe and was voluntarily handed over to the officers. Resident was cited.

02/12/2018 0:16:00
Two males caused a disturbance at a local bar and were subsequently arrested for public intoxication.

02/12/2018 2:53:00
Intoxicated male subject found laying on the floor of a local establishment. Subject arrested for public intoxication.

02/12/2018 10:09:10
Tenant failed to pay money for rent before leaving.

02/12/2018 15:04:00
Traffic stop for cell phone violation. Municipal citation for cell phone and warning for registration. Circuit citation for driving while suspended/revoked. Report to document probation violation for DWUS.

02/12/2018 17:25:00
Disturbance called turned into a Domestic Violence arrest.

02/12/2018 19:01:00
An outdoor retailer set up a trailer on the Town Square and was peddling merchandise without a business license. They were shut down.  Case to city attorney for review.

02/12/2018 22:49:00
RP reports being physically attacked by roommate. Roommate denies physical contact with RP. RP does not have any physical markings. RP refuses to leave residence for his own safety. No evidence of physical altercation.

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