Police Log: Recent Calls For Service

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Here are some recent calls for service in Teton County/Jackson from the dispatch log. Names may be withheld at the request of law enforcement. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filing from the Teton County Attorney’s Office.

02/04/2018 0:24:00
Subject began urinating in alley near officers, person cited for urinating in public.

02/04/2018 1:34:00
Vehicle observed speeding. The driver was found intoxicated and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Arrested.

02/04/2018 2:11:00
Vehicle stopped for traffic violations, driver performed poorly on SFST’s, driver arrested for DUI, marijuana found in vehicle, driver and two passengers cited for PCS marijuana.

02/04/2018 20:28:00
Driver stopped for no headlights, driver performed poorly on SFST’s, driver arrested for DUI and ultimately released as his alcohol concentration was lower than expected.

02/04/2018 23:24:00
Officers responded to a disturbance at the Rose Bar. Male subject was asked to leave multiple times but refused. Subject refused lawful commands by Officers. Subject was arrested for Criminal Trespass and Unlawful Contact.

02/04/2018 23:28:00
Bar staff report a minor attempting to use false ID to enter the bar. Subject admits to being only 20-year-old and admits to consuming alcoholic beverages. Cited.

02/04/2018 23:36:00
A male attempted to use another person’s passport to enter a bar. The picture on the passport was not the intoxicated person standing before officers. Officer attempted many times to solicit the truth from the male but he continued to claim the passport as his. He was briefly arrested for MUI. During a search incident to arrest his true identify was discovered. The subject was 25-years old but continued to lie to the officers stating he was who he purported to be. He was arrested for interference.

02/01/2018 0:05:00
During the course of a traffic stop, a canine was deployed and alerted to the odor of controlled substances. Controlled substances were located after a search of the vehicle. The driver was arrested for possession of controlled substances.

02/01/2018 1:39:00
Suicidal subject is admitted to local hospital.

02/01/2018 8:38:52
Collision hit and run.

02/01/2018 13:29:00
Two ex-employees have made inappropriate comments and texts to their former employer. Both ex-employees have been trespassed from the business.

02/01/2018 18:57:00
Hit and run collision. Suspect fled scene but left vehicle behind.

02/01/2018 20:36:00
Subject punched another in the head approximately 15 times. Subject cited and released.

02/01/2018 21:00:00
During the course of a traffic stop, a canine was deployed on the vehicle. After a vehicle search, controlled substances and paraphernalia were located. The driver was arrested for possession of controlled substances.

02/02/2018 0:59:20
Vehicle stopped for speed. During stop, K-9 was deployed and detected marijuana. Driver was cited for possession of marijuana.

02/03/2018 0:38:00
Traffic stop for speeding, officer smelled odor of marijuana, driver cited for possession of marijuana, passenger cited for use of marijuana.