One22 doles out half a million in relief funds through mid-May

JACKSON, Wyo. — Working to address the growing need in Teton County, One22 Resource Center provided relief payments to in-need families and individuals in the beginning half of May.

Based on need and family size, $570,365 of funds were distributed for grocery needs ($167,550) and rent payments ($411,815) to community members in the Greater Teton Region. The highest priority is to keep people in their homes and the majority of funds donated to One22 continue to be used for rent payments. Residents with mortgages are encouraged to work with their financial institutions for mortgage solutions, including deferral and refinance.

One22’s awards range from groceries only to a combination of rent and groceries with May recipients receiving from $100 – $1,800 depending on need and what other resources the individual or family might have such as stimulus, unemployment, or family support. Grocery cards are provided for items such as diapers, prescription medicine, gasoline, and other incidentals not typically provided by others.

Safe, secure housing is the foundation for One22’s work right now, and they educate all clients on self-advocacy and discussions with their landlords. One22 is seeing a wide range of responses from full rent forgiveness and donations back to One22 to rent increases upon lease renewal and threats of eviction.

At the beginning of May, One22 worked with the Jackson Town Council and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole on Resolution 20-12. Adopted unanimously on May 4, 2020, by the Town Council, this resolution encourages tenants, landlords and nonprofits to work together.

The Resolution states: “We the Jackson Town Council acknowledge the struggles on both sides, that not every situation is the same, and hope that working together on rent payments—forgiving rents or portions of rents, where applicable—we will be able to continue to move forward as a strong, united community.”

The reality is that our community is not sure when we will recover, and housing our community members in safe, secure housing is essential for our recovery on all sides.

“We see the exceptional need first-hand, and we all have a vested interest in having our neighbors, friends and co-workers remain in their housing,” says One22 Executive Director Sharel Lund. “Rent continues to be the number one household expense in Teton County. There are struggles on many sides, including landlords; however, we must all work together to ensure that our valley remains strong and united—housing and food insecurity are real issues affecting so many in our community.”

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