Noxious weeds – is your land part of the problem?

Noxious weeds are invasive non-native plants that can cause damage to your landscape and our greater ecosystem. Noxious weeds are more than just out of place plants; they can severely disrupt your native vegetation. These alien weeds thrive because they have no natural controls like native plants. The Teton County Weed and Pest District states, “many noxious weeds are pretty but their effects are not.”

By letting noxious weeds thrive on your property, you run the risk of growing noxious weeds that are harmful to infrastructure and can potentially reduce your property value. Additionally, noxious weeds can degrade vital wildlife habitat among several other negative effects.

Yellow Hawkweed
Poison Hemlock, aka Cowbane

You can prevent the spread of noxious weeds on your property.

Have a licensed and trained technician from Lawngevity Landscapes walk your property to identify any noxious weeds. Lawngevity can advise on an efficient and safe plan to manage/eradicate the harmful weeds around you.

Also, if you plan on planting new flowers or plants this spring, consult with Lawngevity to make sure the plant you’re thinking about is safe for your landscape.

Contact Lawngevity today to schedule your free consultation by calling 307-202-4624 or emailing

Cheatgrass, an invasive plant that's overtaking western landcapes. Photo by Jennifer Strickland, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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