Migration means no boundaries or borders in the GYE

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Since migrating wildlife know no boundaries or borders so, too, must the humans that manage them react seamlessly between various agencies.

The Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee (GYCC) is a group of 11 federal land managers who work together to manage more than 15 million acres of public land in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The GYCC is choosing this year to focus on visitor and community use of public land and on wildlife migration.

“Wildlife connect all of us here in Greater Yellowstone, from Bozeman to Jackson, and Cody to Island Park,” says National Elk Refuge manager Brian Glaspell, who currently serves as the GYCC chair. “We want to work with our partners to understand how wildlife moves on this landscape, and how we can collaborate to maintain these migrations.”

Migration patterns in the GYE. (GYCC)

The Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee (GYCC) will be hosting a one-day wildlife migration symposium at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson on Wednesday, June 6.

The doors open at 9am for science talks featuring Arthur Middleton, UC Berkeley; Bryan Bedrosian, Teton Raptor Center; and Michael Schwartz, US Forest Service. The afternoon agenda includes a panel discussion featuring Dan Wenk, Yellowstone National Park; Scott Talbott, Wyoming Game & Fish; Paul Sihler, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks; Cole Mannix, Western Landowners Alliance; and others.

In addition, the GYCC is hosting an evening reception on June 6 from 6-8pm, where the public can meet the speakers and view scientific posters from researchers with the Invisible Boundaries: Exploring Yellowstone’s Great Migrations, Created by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, WY exhibit as an inspiring backdrop.

The daytime meeting and evening reception are free and open to the public. If you plan to attend, please RSVP.

Seating is limited to 190 for the daytime meeting. The website also includes a detailed agenda and more information on the events. The National Museum of Wildlife Art is located 2.5 miles north of Jackson.

The GYCC is grateful to National Geographic and Yellowstone Forever, the primary partners in supporting this event. The GYCC is also appreciative of contributions from Snake River Brewing, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation.

“Yellowstone Composition No. 1”, 2016 mixed media work on wood, 120 x 120 inches in the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming. William E. Weiss Memorial Fund Purchase. Artist: James Prosek. (Photo by Tim Nightswander/IMAGING4ART. 3.16.1)

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