Men of steel: Meet South Park Metalworks

JACKSON, WY — Dillon Denny is a metalhead in the most literal sense.

Denny is the General Manager at South Park Metalworks and South Park Equipment. He loves steel, aluminum  — you name it, Denny can build with it.

Denny and his team at South Park Metalworks specialize in custom metal projects. From artful custom stairways to large, industrial projects and even (or especially) custom vehicle fabrication, South Park does it all.

“We do a huge variety of things, really,” Denny said.

You may recognize South Park’s handy work at Center for the Arts — they just installed some custom railings there. You’ve also probably seen it driving around town. Denny’s team loves customizing vehicles. They specialize in classics, but they’ll build a custom bumper, roof rack, suspension kit, and more for just about anything on wheels. That’s Denny’s background. Before taking the helm at South Park, Denny worked on classic trucks.

But no matter the project, Denny said the goal is to make it personal. The guys at South Park Metalworks are engineers, but they’re also artists. Metal is their medium.

“We like when people choose an intricate or interesting design,” Denny said. “It’s more of a project.”

South Park Metalworks will work with clients through every step of the process, from forming an idea to final touches. Their process is pretty dialed, Denny said, so they’re able to see things through pretty quickly. But that’s not to say every project isn’t carefully executed. Metal is their craft, and every project is a labor of love.

They also happen to have the closest crane to Jackson through Denny’s other company, South Park Equipment. Proximity is a big plus — most companies start charging as soon as they leave their yard. Costs stay low if the yard is already in town. “We have a lot less drive time, and our rates are lower than most already,” Denny said.

What can metal do for you? Call South Park Metalworks to start crafting your next project.

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