Liquor license renewal not a slam dunk for one

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The Town of Jackson approved the renewal of all but one of the 79 liquor licenses under its authority this week. All liquor licenses are subject to renewal every April 1.

Councilman Bob Lenz was not ready to rubber stamp approval for Get Funky LLC, dba Roadhouse Brewing on Gregory Lane because he felt representatives of the brewery should be present to answer for complaints about the tasting room at the facility operating at times more like a full blown bar.

Cox contends nearly all the complaints about the microbrewery’s tasting room are from one person—a disgruntled neighbor who has been impossible to work with.

“I’m not ready to deny it, I just think the principles should be here,” Lenz said.

Neither Gavin Fine nor Colby Cox was able to make the meeting but they did send representation. The council pulled Get Funky for renewal until its March 5 meeting when either Fine or Cox can make it. Councilwoman Hailey Morton Levinson disagreed in the 3-1 vote to hold Get Funky’s renewal for another meeting.

Bubbas will add outdoor seating this summer.

Other establishments also received a closer look. Three of the total 81 liquor license holders were hoping to expand operations outdoors. Bubba’s (24 seats), El Abuelito (12 seats), and Lotus Organic Restaurant (12 seats) all expressed a desire to add al fresco dining. No town elected had a problem with that.

Nikai Sushi was also granted renewal even though the eatery has been dark for a year.

“I’m a little hesitant given the place has been dormant for quite some time but I’m willing to give the applicant the benefit of the doubt,” Councilman Jim Stanford said.

Nikai Sushi (TripAdvisor)

According to town records, Nikai Sushi has had a restaurant liquor license since 2002. Nikai closed in October 2016 due to staffing issues and for renovations. They plan to reopen this summer, representing an approximate 18-month closure.

Lenz said he was okay with granting Nikai another year to get its act together since the restaurant has continued to pay monthly rent to the Historical Society and Museum, whose building they are in.

Pizzeria Caldera was included in licenses renewed. A suspension placed on their license runs through June 4, 2018. Approval of their annual renewal means the license will return to active status on June 5, 2018 for the remainder of the liquor year, which ends March 31, 2019.

Town Square Tavern was excluded from the licenses renewed. The status of the retail liquor license held by the Mattheis Company has been “stayed” by a District Court Judge pending outcome of a revocation hearing.

Five restaurant liquor license holders chose not to renew. Sweetwater, Pizza Artisan, and El Tequila all closed. Alpine House and Mountain Modern Motel chose not to pursue their renewals.

Renewal of the liquor licenses will generate approximately $113,000 in fees paid to the Town of Jackson.

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