Let Fine Dining do the holiday hard work

JACKSON, Wyo. — Let’s be honest: holiday parties are generally more fun as a guest than a host.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The holidays are a time to celebrate friends and family over good food. As it happens, Fine Dining is a bit of an expert on all of those things. And they’re here to make your holiday party fun, even if you’re hosting.

At Home

Fine Dining’s nationally-recognized catering service, Bistro Catering, specializes in throwing an unforgettable party. For those who want to host in their own homes, Bistro Catering can provide a custom menu and top-notch service. Hosts don’t have to lift a finger — Bistro Catering’s team takes care of every step, from preparation to service to clean-up. Bistro Catering can accommodate buffets, multi-course meals, family-style, and more.

Need the food but not the service? Not a problem. Bistro Catering can prepare full spreads and just drop them off in time for your party.

Privacy, please

For those looking for a more intimate experience, Bistro Catering’s Executive Chef Marc Boussarie is available as a private chef. Sometimes the fun of cooking is doing it with others, and Chef Marc is happy to include you and your guests in the action if you want to participate. If you just want to relax while a renowned chef prepares a meal for you and your guests, he’s happy to fill that role, too.


Finally, all of Fine Dining’s restaurants are able to host holiday parties on-site. Private rooms and full buyouts are available to accommodate groups of up to 200 people. As with everything in Fine Dining’s private event world, everything is fully customized to the host’s specific desires, including budget, menu, serving style and more.

Simplifying your holiday plans is just a click away. Contact Jen Givens ([email protected]) to get started.

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