Kate’s Real Food stoked about visit from Idaho Governor

TETON VALLEY, IDA – Kate’s Real Food welcomed a Very Important Customer, this week with a visit from Idaho Governor CL “Butch” Otter.

Gov. Otter stopped in at the company’s production facility in Victor to help Kate’s kickoff a rebranding effort that includes new packaging and bar flavors.

In addition to touring the facility, Gov. Otter spoke to employees about the important role that small, growing businesses such as Kate’s Real Food play in the state and regional economy. The governor also cut a “ribbon” of the company’s new packaging, marking the official release the company’s new look.

“Kate’s Real Food delivers the kind of value-added, high-demand product at the core of what thriving successful Idaho businesses do. They find a need or under-served market, and fill it, improve upon the concept, expand it, put down roots and lift their product, their employees and their community in the process,” Otter said. “Kate’s Real Food already embodies many of the attributes we love to see in our corporate citizens and I am thrilled to see this expansion and look forward to great things as they continue to grow here in our great state and beyond.”

Todd Hanna, CEO of Kate’s Real Food, said that the company was honored by the Governor’s visit.

“Governor Otter’s visit was more than just a PR event for us. It was a great reminder to our people that what they do on a daily basis makes a difference in their community, in their state, and across the entire region,” Hanna said. “We greatly appreciate the Governor’s willingness to help us highlight all of the notable things happening here at Kate’s Real Food.”

Kate’s Real Food, new look and new flavor bar.
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