JOB: Boreal calling all yetis!

Type: Full Time
Location: Jackson, Wy
Company: Local Business
Skills: Snow plow, Snow shovel, skid steer-snowblower operators
Date Published
Valid Through:

JACKSON, WY— The snow’s about to start falling (it already is up high!), so Boreal Property Management is looking for people to start immediately. Snow plow, Snow shovel, skid steer-snowblower operators needed! Get paid to work out! Fresh air, brisk temperatures, and early mornings are some of the great perks of this job. Other equally amazing benefits are COMPANY SKI PASSES to all three resorts and time off when it’s not snowing! Great wages and bonuses! Get your foot in the door with a full-service property management company and grow with us. We have great benefits and opportunities for the right people. Employee housing available. Send in your resume to [email protected] before it’s too late!

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