Is your community recycling site full? Here’s what you can do

JACKSON, Wyo. — If you’ve driven by the recycling center at the Rodeo Grounds today you might have noticed it was overflowing with recycled goods placed on the ground.

“This is becoming more and more common because our recycling percentages are through the roof,” Carrie Bell from Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling said. “People are home more, drinking more, and thus recycling more, which is great, but can overflow these recycling sites.”

Bell also said that an influx of visitors in Jackson, and people not knowing how to recycle properly, might be adding to the overflow at recycling centers.

According to Bell, recycling is picked up daily by one driver, but it can be hard to keep up with demand when more people are using recycling centers.

“We do ask the community to not leave recycling on the ground. It can become a mess really quickly if the wind picks up or if the birds get it,” Bell said. “We only have one driver to pick it up. If he has to get out and pick up the waste it really slows things down. ”

If you are looking to recycle, please keep in mind that there are other recycling stations in Jackson Hole, from Teton Village to Hoback. Recyclable material should never be left on the ground. Not only is one person responsible for making sure the waste on the ground gets recycled, but if that waste does not make it in the bins, it can end up as litter. This would largely defeat the purpose of recycling in the first place.

“My recommendation would be to go to another recycling site or hold your recycling until the next business day,” Bell said. “The best thing a person could do with recycling (if their chosen community site is full) is to bring it to the Recycling Center.”

According to Bell, there are always bins available at the Recycling Center, located approximately two miles south of High School Road on Highway 89. The center is on the left. The recycling bins at the center can be accessed 24/7.

A map of additional community recycling sites can be found online here.

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