Hunters meet wolf kill quota in 2017, G&F records 76 wolves killed

WYOMING – In the first wolf hunt season in four years, big game hunters harvested 43 wolves from October through December 2017. Along with one other illegal wolf kill, the quota of 44, set by Wyoming Game and Fish, was met.

WGFD lead wolf biologist said the department was expecting about a 1-2% success rate and that’s exactly what happened. With around 2,500 licenses sold, the numbers work out to a 1.7% rate of success for harvest.

Game and Fish personnel fasten a collar to a tranq’d black wolf in the Gros Ventre Range during a recent capture. (WGFD)

October began with a flurry with a dozen confirmed kills on opening day. But wolves leaned quickly they are now again considered prey in the state. November, with less snow to track them in and smarter wolves, was much slower. December picked back up until the quota was met at the end of the month.

Another 32 wolves were recorded killed in parts of the state where the animal is considered a predator and may be shot on sight without a license at any time of the year. Areas adjacent to national parks are subject to a regulated hunting season.

An estimated 380 wolves roam Wyoming. The state has committed to maintaining at least 100 animals including at least 10 breeding pairs.

Wolf harvest summary

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