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Firewood permits available soon for Bridger–Teton National Forest

WYOMING – The Bridger-Teton National Forest (BTNF) will start selling firewood permits for personal use beginning May 15.  District offices will conduct business by phone and issue permits by mail to interested individuals for a price of seven dollars per cord with a five cord minimum purchase. Permits will be valid for the calendar year only and must be in possession while collecting forest products, with load tickets visible at the time of transport.

Additionally, the Forest will offer permits for other forest products. Transplant permits will be available starting May 8, 2020, and post & pole permits will be available beginning May 15.

When gathering firewood, permits allow for the harvest of down or standing dead wood only, and it is important to use firewood from local sources to prevent the spread of invasive species.

A standard cord is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high, measuring 128 cubic feet when wood is stacked in a row. Make sure to cut firewood only where the permit allows, as other neighboring Forests might have different firewood cutting regulations and prices. Locations where forest product collection is not allowed include wilderness areas, campgrounds, picnic areas, resorts, recreation management areas, wilderness study areas, administrative sites, and timber sales. Maps of legal routes to access wood cutting locations will be available where permits are sold and on the Forest website. Forest visitors are advised to check in with their local ranger stations regarding area road and trail information.

National Forests across the nation have been providing a substantial amount of firewood for the public since the 1970’s, which has continued to grow as more households in America are adopting practices to reduce energy and fossil fuel consumption. Selling firewood permits also aids in fire prevention by removing burnable material from the forest floor.

To keep the public and their employees safe, BTNF encourages you to call your local district office to obtain any of these permits for the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Voicemails are checked frequently during regular business hours and you will receive a call back by the next available business day. They are encouraging payment by credit card and the permit will be mailed to you the following business day. Please plan ahead, allowing time to receive your permit by mail prior to collecting forest products.

For more information about Forest regulations or the products available for sale visit this website, or call (307) 739-5400 to contact the Bridger-Teton National Forest Jackson Ranger District regarding firewood permits.

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