Firewood collection in Yellowstone


JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Here’s a rare opportunity to burn Yellowstone. But you’ll have to act fast.

Authorities in Yellowstone National Park have announced a limited window exists to collect firewood from a national park. Yellowstone will be accepting requests for firewood collection from Friday, April 7, through Sunday, April 9.

That doesn’t mean the firewood will have to be gathered by the end of the weekend. Here’s how it works. Call (307) 344-2116 and leave your name and number. A limited amount of these respondents will be chosen randomly by park personnel and you will be notified if you are one of whose authorized to collect firewood in Yellowstone for 2017 as it becomes available.

After April 9, names will only be accepted Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm by calling (307) 344-2107. Names received after April 9 will be processed in the order they are received after the initial list has been exhausted. Firewood permits cost $35 and allow permit holders to take up to three cords of wood. Specific site guidelines and regulations, including hours and dates of collection, will be explained at the time a permit is issued. There is no guarantee wood will be available or in sufficient quantity to provide for all permit requests.

Excess firewood is periodically available in the park for a variety of reasons, including wind events, construction projects, hazard tree removal, or creating defensible space around developed areas and structures to reduce the threat of wildfire.