Feeling adventurous? Sidewinders is looking for staff to join them in Bozeman

Location: Jackson, WY
Company: Local Business
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Are you tired of trying to find a place to live?

How about making a move with your favorite American Grill? To where the rentals are plenty and it’s affordable to put down roots and buy your own home.

June 1st, 2017, Sidewinders will be opening their new location in the energetic town of Bozeman. A great place to live, work and play; Bozeman offers all the cultural amenities and outdoor recreation as Jackson, but with affordable housing and a higher quality of life.

We are looking for motivated, hard working cooks and back-of-the-house-staff to join us in our new endeavor!

The Blue Collar Restaurant Group offers highly competitive wages, 40 hour work weeks and benefits. We stand by our commitment to a positive culture and a family-first mentality.

Ready for an adventure? Please apply online at sidewinderstavern.com.


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