Extremely close call yesterday in Drews Slide, skier caught and partially buried

JACKSON, WYO – Yesterday, just south of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, a skier was caught, carried and partially buried in a large size 3 avalanche in an area known as Drews slide. The skier deployed an air bag and was recovered with no major injuries mid-slope.

The Avalanche forecast yesterday was “CONSIDERABLE” at all elevations noting, “at the mid and high elevations, new snow and wind have formed slabs that lie upon lighter snow and crusts. These slabs will be very sensitive to backcountry travelers and some potential exists for them to release naturally.”

Today’s Full Avi Forecast.

Drews Slide gets it name from Drew Dunlap, a “Ski School instructor whom sat on top of “Drews Slide” on a beautiful warm spring day…just a little too long and late. The access to backcountry back then was open/closed only when the avalanche hazard was low (forest service regs). We/ski patrol closed access due to avalanche hazard from warming. Drew skied down, and was engulfed and thrown over 2 cliff bands…fully buried. Due to skiing hazard, patrollers were helicoptered over to the site…Jerry Balint’s dog, Coup, found Drew immediately after being under for 45 minutes. At the time, it was the first live burial found by an avy dog in North America.”

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