Every day counts at JHMR

JACKSON, WY — A record-breaking number of skiers joined Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s 100-day club for the 2018/19 season.

There are 150 people on the list this year, which is six more than last year’s record-breaking 144. But there were plenty of familiar faces at the 100-day club breakfast Saturday morning, all ready to get a head start on JHMR’s penultimate day of the season.

Faces like John Clegg’s, who was a “perfect” 100-day club member this year, meaning he skied every single day this season. Not only did he ski every day this season, but he also skied the tram every day this season. He skied the Headwall 100 days, every day it was open, and skied it eight times during the Coombs Classic in honor of Doug Coombs. He rode the START bus from Stilson all but six days.

“It’s been a fun year,” Clegg said nonchalantly as he waited to pick up his 100-day badge.

Some 100-dayers have standards for what counts as a “day” — 10,000 vertical feet. At least two hours of skiing, or at least one hour of skiing. More than one lift. But no matter what, a day skiing is better than a day without, said Mary Beth Coyne.

“There are days I can’t get out for more than an hour. But even an hour is great,” Coyne said. “It changes my outlook on the entire day.”

Through injuries, capricious weather, new babies, exhaustion, and more, 100-dayers did whatever it took to get out on the mountain. Eventually, it becomes routine. “You force yourself out of bed in the morning. Sometimes it’s a force of will,” one skier said.

But, he added, what the only motivation he really needs is a love for skiing, which was the ubiquitous force that brought the room together.

“I’ll ski as long as there’s snow.”

This year’s 100-Day Club as of April 4.

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