Is your dog really, really, REALLY ridiculously good looking?

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What’s that? Your dog is awesome? Your dog is cute? Can it run faster, jump higher, and listen better than the rest? Do they shred? Do they mountain bike and trail run? Sniff out birds? Best fetcher in town?  PROVE IT!

Okay, seriously – Rex Specs Dog Goggles – a locally owned and operated pet brand is looking for models! Check us out at, @RexspecsK9 on Instagram, or RexSpecsK9 on Facebook to see what we’re all about.

RexSpecs In Action

Rex Specs is launching 4 new sizes of Dog Goggles this spring. We’re looking r local pets of all shapes and sizes – and their humans to work with us throughout the winter to test prototypes, and to join us on photo-shoots as we gear up to launch a second phase of our business. Ideal models will have some experience chasing bikes, trail running, hunting, or sticking their head out of car windows.  Reality is – we’re looking for cute dogs doing fun activities!

If you and your pooch are interested in testing and modeling for Rex Specs we’d love to hear from you!  Please email [email protected] with subject line “blue steel”. Include a description of you and your dog, a picture and a list of activities they enjoy! We’ll be returning your email with details regarding commitment and compensation – and inviting some of you to our office for a ‘tryout’ – biscuits are on us!

What are Rex Specs?

Rex Specs were developed here in Jackson out of the need for a few local’s to help protect their pets from UV conditions. Naturally, the ski goggle design was adopted – and with influence from a local personal protection/working dog trainer the design was finalized, patented and manufacturing began.  Rex Specs are used worldwide by dog’s that suffer from medical conditions such as pannus, chronic sunburn, iris atrophy or corneal abrasions – to name a few.  They are also used by many blind dogs, or dogs with visual impairment as a way to protect them from punctures, debris or infection while trying to lead a normal doggy lifestyle. Rex Specs have become the go-to eye protection for police and military dogs as a way to keep the dogs eyes protected during activities like helicopter training, and other badass dog stuff we can’t talk about.

Happy Tails!

Rex Specs

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