Dancing our human story with Tika Morgan Dance

JACKSON, Wyo. – San Francisco-based guest artist Tika Morgan returns to Jackson Hole and leads a powerful four-day workshop at Dancers’ Workshop. October 3-6, Salsa, Reggaetón, Brazilian and Dance Fusion classes will liven up the DW studios. All levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. Tika may just transform your own relationship with dance… let go, and discover a new you!

“I am blown away by her commitment to her art, her incredible skills both as a dancer and a teacher, and her ability to inspire people (especially women) to connect to ourselves, to each other, and to a deep desire to make the world a better place.” – Sandra Possing, 2018

Workshop Details
$150 / full workshop
$25 / single class 1.5 hour
$35 / single class 2 hour
Dancers’ Workshop Studio 1
Pre-registration preferred


Class Descriptions
Salsa Fusion
Salsa Fusion is devoted to Tika’s love of Cuban dance, music, and culture. Her class centers around Salsa Suelta, a “freestyle” non-partnering dance featured most often in clubs. Class begins with body alignment, isolations, core work, and stretching, followed by choreography that builds in tempo and brings together the music and basic steps of popular and folkloric dances that inform Cuban Salsa. Tika’s choreography moves from the basics to intermediate patterns with lots of style and musicality! This class is a great way to work on your style and move toward partnering in Salsa Casino/Rueda and Cuban Folkloric classes. This class is great for all levels.

Reggaetón Fusion
Tika’s popular Reggaetón Fusion workshops are fun and firey! Explore the movement styles that inform this Latin Dance expression. She pulls together movement intrinsic to the music: Salsa, Cubaton, Trap Music, Dancehall and Samba while pointing back to the roots to build vocabulary. Class features stretching and a lot of body isolation work to enable dancers, of any level, to enjoy while building musicality. Shoes recommended. The workshop choreography is at an open level.

Dance Fusion
Dance Fusion is about the joy of dancing culture, and sweating to the power of good music! Tika creates choreographies that employ the basic steps of dances from African Caribbean ~ Brazilian ~ West African movement while working through modern technique, taking you from the sacred to the street. The movements are accessible and repetitive with attention to form and musicality while offering tons of core work, toning and body isolations set to Tika’s amazing Playlist’s. She is adept at putting dancers right inside the music, where we lose all sense of time and find our connection. Dance Fusion is also a gateway to Tika’s more genre-based classes. Shoes or no shoes. Everyone is welcome at any level.

Brazilian Fusion – The Silvestre Dance Technique
The Silvestre Dance Technique is a contemporary Brazilian dance expression created by a world-renowned teacher and choreographer Rosangela Silvestre. This unique yet classically based form incorporates the four elements of nature, the energy systems of the body, and the symbols and gestures inherent in African Brazilian Dance. Brazilian Fusion brings us from scared and celebratory movements working in folkloric dances of Brazil including Samba.

More About Tika Morgan Dance Workshops
Tika Morgan Dance workshops are centered around dance as a way of life. Working with Cuban and Brazilian dance from the sacred to the celebratory, from contemporary to folkloric, Tika is highly skilled at bringing in the larger context of these dance lineages while pointing back to their West African roots. She explores the extraordinary way our body language retains it’s essential nature and is then passed down through a community. Tika’s work is about embodying and celebrating the power available within us.

By working with traditional and popular movement, her workshops offer an opportunity to delve into discovering our body’s potential as we move. Participants are guided to explore, at any level, the interplay between form and freedom and the power of moving as one. Both reverent and joyous, dancers will experience historical and symbolic references for even the most basic steps so that we experience what she calls “dancing our human story”.

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