CWC – Jackson SPET: “An investment that will benefit our community for decades to come”

(Jackson Hole, Wyo.) – The Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) is a tool used by the Town and County since the 1980’s to allow voters to decide on the imposition of a 1% SPET as well as individual projects they do, or do not, want to use the SPET for. The SPET provides approximately $10-$12 million a year.

CWC-Jackson is seeking SPET funds in the amount $3.82 million for the acquisition of two lots on Veronica Lane in downtown Jackson as well as planning, engineering and architectural planning. The expanded CWC-Jackson Center would be a boon for local residents, businesses and organizations, helping the diverse population of Teton County pursue their dreams while reinforcing community priorities.

The use of SPET funds for the new center would:

  • Provide more than 10,000 square feet for classrooms, labs, o?ces and a commercial kitchen
  • Allow CWC-Jackson to service an additional 200+ students
  • Meet the needs of a growing International (including Hispanic) population through extended ESL programs, College Readiness and career pathways
  • Expand Culinary, Hospitality, Business & Entrepreneurship o?erings
  • Diversify Health & Wellness programs including Dental Assistant, Radiology Technician, Massage & Alternative Medicine
  • O?er Certi?cates in Sustainability & Green Construction
  • Bolster Science and STEM Programming & Undergraduate Research
  • Increase Outdoor Certi?cations
  • Grow Computer Programming Courses in 3-D Design, Robotics & New Media
  • Expand the Workforce Development Department to quickly respond to community/business needs
  • Accelerate graduation rates, resulting in higher completion
  • Give CWC-Jackson the ability to create new programs as demanded by a changing local economy

An investment in CWC-Jackson is one that will benefit our community for decades to come. It is an investment not just in Teton County students and in the community as a whole.

On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 voters in Teton County will have the opportunity to cast their ballot for or against 11 community projects, including funds for CWC-Jackson.

Absentee voting is open now. Teton County voters can vote via mail by requesting an absentee ballot from the Teton County Clerk here. Voters can also cast their ballots early, in person, now through May 1, in the basement of the Teton County Administration Building, 200 S. Willow in Jackson from Monday through Friday,8AM to 5PM.