Cops say investigation reveals dog was not shot

SWEETWATER COUNTY, WYO –Speculation that someone had shot a dog north of Rock Springs was put to rest after the animal’s carcass was checked out and removed from the base of White Mountain.

The discovery of a dog’s carcass was recently reported on social media, launching an investigation by the Sweetwater County officials. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Detective Dick Blust said a photograph of the dog was posted on a Facebook page and rumors began to circulate that it had been shot.

“Chris Thomas, our animal control officer, located the dog in the general area of the Rock Springs water reservoir tank at the base of White Mountain, removed it, and examined it,” said Blust. “Chris confirmed that the dog, an older black mixed-breed female, had not been shot, but appeared to have died from natural causes, possibly a seizure.”

The dog was wearing a collar, but had no tag.

According to Facebook posts, the dog belonged to the Macy family. Ashley Macy posted that the 14-year-old dog strayed back in October (quite possibly knowing it was dying) and never returned.

“We always knew she wasn’t coming back,” Macy said on a Facebook post.

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