Cohesive debut album from Inland Isle, “Time Has Changed Us”

JACKSON, Wyo. — Unveiling a first album into the world is a big deal for new artists. Inland Isle has labored to rightly accomplish what they set out to do—raise money to self-record, act as their own label, and legitimately promote their music to the masses.

As seasoned songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, the four guys that combine talents here have made a compelling sum of their parts. Bold yet accessible, and riding a Northwest-tinged, indie-pop-folk-rock vibe with harmonically rich textures and through-provoking lyrics. It is evident these fellas have chiseled for years towards an output like Time Has Changed Us, and it sits as a cohesive work.

The carefully crafted album was recorded in a Montana cabin in just two weeks, and the record dropped to streaming platforms today, a year and a half later. The quartet began a piecemeal release of singles last September. “Song for Discouraged Liberals” was unleashed during election season, followed soon after by “Celestine,” then “Analise,” and last week’s “Biggest Fish.” The latter three songs were accompanied by music videos that ranged from locally sourced animation and drawings from Ryan Stolp, to lead vocalist Pat Chadwick playing a lead role while wandering local hills.

The band describes the music as being “set in dramatic, dirty rock landscapes tinged with psychedelia,” and “anchored by accessible hooks and the introspective lyrics crooned by songwriter-guitarist Chadwick atop lush vocal harmonies.” Lyrically, the songs “reckon with the aftermath of upheaval in America and its effects on relationships, community and livelihoods.”

Along with Chadwick, Inland Isle is comprised of bassist/vocalist Leif Routman and two former locals that moved further west—guitarist/songwriter Dusty Nichols to Boise and drummer/engineer Shawn Fleming to Portland, Oregon. The band intends to play regional shows this summer and fall, and just announced being selected for Treefort Music Fest, which is Sept. 22-26 in Boise.

Check out the full album on Spotify below, as well as the video for “Analise.”

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