Dean Oswald interacts with Wyoming (black coat) and Teton (cinnamon coat) cubs orphaned from Grand Teton NP. (The Sault News)

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The cubs of the black bear family that was removed from Grand Teton National Park are settling into their new home. It was regretful to see the sow killed but we are grateful to see the cubs getting along well so far, and appreciative for the opportunity to learn more about where they will live out their lives.

The black bear sow, believed to have been about 4-5 years old, and her cubs had made a habit of roadside begging similar to the way grizzlies back in the 1960-70s were encouraged to do in Yellowstone. The bears had received numerous food rewards, often fed from passing vehicles, all summer near Signal Mountain Lodge. Officials eventually caught someone in the act of feeding the bears illegally, cited them and caught the bears.

The sow was euthanized after it was determined she was not a good candidate for relocation or captivity. The cubs were graciously accepted by the Oswald Bear Ranch in Newberry, Michigan.

On behalf of the park and all locals here who enjoy our rugged beauty and wildlife, we are indebted to Dean Oswald for taking in these two cubs, now named Teton and Wyoming. You, sir, have our gratitude. Take good care of our bears.

Hopefully these bears can help educate a portion of the traveling public who may one day make their way to our neck of the woods and be tempted to intervene in what is wild and scenic.

Thanks also to The Sault News for the update.