Campaign targets prescription drug abuse

WYOMING – A new education campaign presented by the Wyoming Rx Abuse Stakeholders (RAS) is aimed at helping to prevent prescription drug misuse/abuse by teens and young adults across the state.

Titled “They Didn’t Know,” the educational campaign targets Wyoming youth 12-25 years of age with an attention-getting approach using several types of digital media. This age group is where the most abuse of prescription painkillers is seen. Drugs like Hydrocodone or Oxycodone are most likely to be misused.

“The Rx Abuse Stakeholders is excited to release our statewide educational campaign,” said Antoinette Brown, RAS co-chair. “We feel the educational message it delivers is so important and timely and will go far in educating young adults and their families about the appropriate use of prescription medications, especially pain medications, and both the short and long-term risks of abusing them.”

The RAS is a statewide volunteer group with representatives from health, substance abuse, law enforcement and social services agencies who have worked on issues stemming from prescription drug abuse and other opioid abuse.