Caller probably threatened wrong school by mistake

SUBLETTE COUNTY, WYO – Investigators learned more last night that indicates a call threatening Pinedale Elementary School yesterday may have been intended for a different Pinedale Elementary located in another state.

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office has continued to investigate the threatening telephone call received by the Pinedale Elementary School yesterday. Early in the investigation Detectives were able to ping the phone that placed the call. The GPS location of the phone was located outside the State of Wyoming. The location where the phone call was placed is not available for release at this time as this is an ongoing investigation.

On the evening of Wednesday February 21, Detectives discovered another Pinedale Elementary School located in the same area that the cell phone had been located in. The Sheriff’s Office believes that the intended target of the threatening phone call was not the Sublette County Pinedale Elementary School, but the Pinedale Elementary School where the call originated.

There is a Pinedale Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida, and another in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Detectives immediately made contact with Law Enforcement in the area where the other school is located and turned over information received up to this point.

At this time the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office has not yet received any information back on the investigation from the outside agency. Sublette County Sheriff’s Detectives will continue to investigate this case in cooperation with other Law Enforcement agencies.


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