BREAKING: Mudslide in Hoback Canyon closes Highway 191


UPDATE (12:47pm): WYDOT has now reopened US 189/191.

That’s some gooey mud. (WYDOT)

UPDATE (11:44am): WYDOT believes it can have the highway reopened sometime around 2-3pm.

Buckrail has learned that Highway 189/191 is closed to travel in both directions due to a mudslide in the Hoback Canyon.

Thru-travel between Bondurant and Hoback Junction is not possible at this time. No estimate has yet been provided no how long it will take to clear the debris and reopen the highway.

Landslide is at milepost 151 just north of Bondurant in the area that burned heavily (Cliff Creek Fire) in summer 2016. Hillsides have become unstable since the dead trees no longer have active root systems to drink up water in the soil.

Buckrail caught up with the WYDOT crew member running the frontend loader. Thanks, dude!


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