Bondo BBQ hits 77 this weekend Barbecue Picnic Buckrail - Jackson Hole, news
Bondurant BBQ in 2011 when the tradition turned 70. This summer, the annual event will be held for the 77th consecutive year.

SUBLETTE COUNTY, WYO – The tightknit community of Bondurant is a classic example of one of those ranchy communities where the Old West lives on.

Drive by this sleepy village on Highway 189 and you might not recognize anything that holds it together enough that it would even merit a zip code of its own.

But Bondo is defined by its people not its buildings. Unless, of course, you are talking about St. Hubert’s Church. That sacred gathering spot has served as the heart of the community since the good Bishop Winfred H. Ziegler rallied residents to build it after being stranded in a blizzard there in 1937.

The church/community hall was finished in 1941 and ever since residents of Bondurant have been hosting a barbeque cookout every summer to commemorate the achievement. That first one back in 1941 was held on August 3 after a Big Piney rancher donated one of his steers. The annual event now takes place on the last Sunday in June.

The 77thAnnual Bondurant BBQ is slated for Sunday, June 24 beginning with church service at 11am, lunch at 12:30pm at St. Hubert’s Church. All are welcome—residents of the area, visitors, tourists. $10 Adults, $5 for kids 12 and under.

There will be plenty of food on hand including two full beeves simmering in a brick-lined BBQ pit for up to 20 hours…the Wild West way. All the side dishes and desserts are homemade. Come enjoy a relaxing day of wonderful food, fine music, and fun activities for the kids! There is lots of shade, but bring your own lawn chairs.