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Golden Eagle on Cliffs (Craighead Beringia South)

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The Jackson Hole Bird & Nature Club will take a closer look at the Golden Eagle at its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, July 10 from 6-8pm.

Livingston, Montana is primarily known for its wind, its world-class fishing, and its proximity to Yellowstone National Park. But Livingston might also be known for its thriving Golden Eagle population.

Ross Crandall, research biologist with Craighead Beringia South will present results from the past nine years of Golden Eagle research in the Livingston area and compare current results and trends to those collected in the 1960s by graduate students of John Craighead.

Crandall will also discuss how the findings are being used for education and conservation efforts to promote and protect the species.

This project builds on an investigation of Golden Eagle nesting ecology started in 1962. Now in its fourth year, the project focuses on the nesting ecology, movements, and habitat preferences of adult, resident Golden Eagles.

Craighead Beringia South is also doing a migration study and research on sub-adult and juvenile eagles. This work adds to one of the oldest datasets on nesting eagles in the country, which is critical to understanding the population dynamics of this long-lived species. This project’s focus on adult eagles is completed, but we will continue monitoring nesting demographics for several years, while expanding the study’s scope to include tracking juvenile Golden Eagles in order to better understand eagle dispersal.